Roger Ray

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Partial hepatectomy (P.H.) induces a partially synchronized growth response of liver under normal regulation of growth. In this phase changes in cellular morphology, radial distribution pattern of cells and other biological as well as major biochemical changes are well documented. Here, we have shown that the cellular content of UsnRNAs altered during this(More)
The uridylic acid rich nuclear RNAs (U1-U6 snRNAs) are involved mainly in the processing of pre-mRNA and pre-rRNA. So, any control of cell growth through pre-mRNA/pre-rRNA processing may have some regulation through altered UsnRNAs metabolism. With this idea, attempts have been made to see how the metabolism of the six major UsnRNAs' changed during the(More)
Electric utilities are expanding communications infrastructure due to increased need for information. Due to performance, price, and technological advances, digital communication systems are frequently chosen as this multiple user data network. This two-part paper describes the application of digital communication in power system protection. Part 1(More)
In the present study, anthracycline antitumor antibiotics (e.g. adriamycin and nogalamycin), the potent RNA synthesis inhibitors and cycloheximide, the protein synthesis inhibitor, have been used to understand the events of biosynthesis and processing of major UsnRNAs (U1-U6). The anthracyclines inhibit the UsnRNAs biosynthesis (in terms of labelling)(More)
The effects of cholesterol dosage, cortisone, and desoxycorticosterone acetate on total serum cholesterol, lipoproteins, and atherosclerosis were studied over a period of 112 days in thirty-two rabbits. Cholesterol was administered by feeding the rabbits diets containing 0.063, 0.25, and 1.0 per cent cholesterol At intervals measurements were made of total(More)
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