Roger R. Stough

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This article focuses on entrepreneurship in economic geography and aims at a systematic investigation of regional variation in knowledge-based entrepreneurial activity. We develop and test a three-phase structural model for regional systems of entrepreneurship after introducing a systems approach to entrepreneurship. The model is built upon the absorptive(More)
The events of 9/11 brought an increased focus on security in the United States and specifically the protection of critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructure encompasses a wide array of physical assets such as the electric power grid, telecommunications, oil and gas pipelines, transportation networks and computer data networks. This paper will focus on(More)
Knowledge spillover refers to the diffusion or sharing of knowledge from where it is created or from one to another agent in society. It is in this way that it becomes useful beyond the sequestered knowledge of an individual agent and thus acquires societal value. There are many factors that constrain or hinder the flow of knowledge and the sum total of(More)
This article develops and tests an algorithm of spatial congruence based on geometric congruity of two spatial areal objects in the Euclidean plane. Spatial congruence is defined and thus evaluated as an increasing continuous function of congruity in the position, orientation, size, and shape of spatial objects, dependent upon scaling, translation, and(More)
Cybersecurity is an issue of increasing concern since the events of September 11. Many questions have been raised concerning the security of the Internet and the rest of US’s information infrastructure. This paper begins to examine the issue by analyzing the Internet’s autonomous system (AS) map. Using the AS map, generic malicious infections are simulated(More)
1 EDITOR AMIT GUPTA JOINT EDITORS A. K. SENGUPTA R.P. MAHESHWARI MANAGING EDITOR CDR. SATISH SETH EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD DR. ROGER R. STOUGH Associate Dean and Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA. PROF. DAVID ARRELL Pro-Vice Chancellor University of Portsmouth Portsmouth P012UP, England. R.A. SHARMA Professor,(More)
The conventional literature on telecommunication does not appear to have focused on the various sources of interactions between telecommunication networks and other networked infrastructure. Further, much of the transportation literature suggests that transportation and telecommunication infrastructures are substitutes. The focus of this paper is to examine(More)
Considerable interest has emerged in the field of regional science regarding the role of entrepreneurship in regional economic development and policy. This is witnessed by a steadily increasing set of publications on this fascinating issue or related topics including, for example, Acs et al. (2006), Acs and Armington (2006), Audretsch and Keilbach (2005),(More)
The current research on entrepreneurship as an economic phenomenon often assumes its desirability as a driver of economic development and growth. However, entrepreneurial talent can be allocated among productive, unproductive, and destructive activities. This process is theorized as driven by institutions. Although the tradeoff between productive and(More)