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The events of 9/11 brought an increased focus on security in the United States and specifically the protection of critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructure encompasses a wide array of physical assets such as the electric power grid, telecommunications, oil and gas pipelines, transportation networks and computer data networks. This paper will focus on(More)
Existing theories of public sector entrepreneurship are devoid of any sense of entrepreneurial discovery universally present in human action. Instead, these theories emphasize rational calculation particularly present in economic activity. Existing theories of public sector entrepreneurship, therefore, are inadequate to account for observed entrepreneurial(More)
Cybersecurity is an issue of increasing concern since the events of September 11 th. Many questions have been raised concerning the security of the Internet and the rest of US's information infrastructure. This paper begins to examine the issue by analyzing the Internet's autonomous system (AS) map. Using the AS map, generic malicious infections are(More)
Ports and their regions have experienced at least a century of crisis from wars (e.g., World War I and II), technological change (e.g., container-ization and information and computer technology), political change (e.g., end of the Cold War and liberalization of commerce and trade in countries like China and India) and globalization. As such ports have(More)
  • A Alan Moghissi, Dennis K Mcbride, Roger R Stough, Michael S Swetnam
  • 2013
2 INTRODUCTION This report summarizes a number of scientific papers, books and reports written by us individually and collectively. It expresses our concern on how science is used in policy notably regulatory decisions and provides a potential process to judge the validity of various scientific claims. For a number of reasons we consider transparency of(More)
This article develops and tests an algorithm of spatial congruence based on geometric congruity of two spatial areal objects in the Euclidean plane. Spatial congruence is defined and thus evaluated as an increasing continuous function of congruity in the position, orientation, size, and shape of spatial objects, dependent upon scaling, translation , and(More)
The conventional literature on telecommunication does not appear to have focused on the various sources of interactions between telecommunication networks and other networked infrastructure. Further, much of the transportation literature suggests that transportation and telecommunication infrastructures are substitutes. The focus of this paper is to examine(More)
This paper discusses an analytical approach to explaining a nearly constant high job approval rating of president Clinton between January, 1998 and February, 1999. Despite all the controversy and massive information exposure to mostly unflattering news about Mr. Clinton; the public, in nearly all major opinion polls expressed their wish that Mr. Clinton be(More)
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