Roger Pueyo Centelles

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Data centers have to sustain the rapid growth of data traffic due to the increasing demand of bandwidth-hungry internet services. The current intra-data center fat tree topology causes communication bottlenecks in the server interaction process, power-hungry O-E-O conversions that limit the minimum latency and the power efficiency of these systems. In this(More)
Community networks are decentralized communication networks built and operated by citizens, for citizens. Most users see in community networks only the possibility to gain Internet access, while we propose clouds in community networks as the real opportunity: different to the general purpose cloud-based applications offered in the Internet, community clouds(More)
Community-Lab is an open, distributed infrastructure for researchers to carry out experiments within wireless community networks. Community networks are an emergent model of infrastructures built with off-the-shelf communication equipment that aims to satisfy a community's demand for Internet access and ICT services. Community-Lab consists of more than 100(More)
We investigate the performance of an optical packet switch architecture with highly distributed control for interconnecting cluster switches in a data center environment. The optical packet switch under investigation can be scaled to a very large port count to interconnect a large number of cluster switches. Flow control is employed to regulate the packets(More)
Wireless community networks (CNs) are large-scale, self-organized and decentralized communication infrastructures built and operated by citizens for citizens. CN cloud infrastructures have been recently introduced to run services inside the network, without the need to consume them from the Internet. We have developed a Linux-based distribution code-named(More)
Introduction: Community networks [1] are decentralized and self-organized communication networks built and operated by citizens and for citizens. They are an emergent model of infrastructure that aims to satisfy a community’s demand for Internet and ICT services. There are several large community networks in Europe having from 500 to 20000 nodes, such as(More)
Community networks are decentralized communication networks built and operated by citizens, for citizens. We consider service discovery for clouds in such community networks. The currently employed solutions for service discovery are static and are not able to follow the dynamics in cloud service provision. We propose a novel service discovery mechanism(More)
This paper describes an operational geographically distributed and heterogeneous cloud infrastructure with services and applications deployed in the Guifi community network. The presented cloud is a particular case of a community cloud, developed according to the specific needs and conditions of community networks. We describe the concept of this community(More)
This demo paper presents Cloudy, a Debian-based distribution to build and deploy clouds in community networks. The demonstration covers the following aspects: Installation of Cloudy, the Cloudy GUI for usage and administration by end users, demonstration of Cloudy nodes and services deployed in the Guifi community network.