Roger Pierre Fabris Hoefel

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 We have developed a theoretical cross-layer model that allows assessing the goodput and delay of IEEE 802.11 local area networks (WLANs) operating simultaneously under the distributed coordination function (DCF) basic access (BA) and request-to-send/clear-to-send (RTS/CTS) medium access control (MAC) protocols under saturated traffic over correlated(More)
In this paper, the performance of a joint time-frequency synchronization scheme specially designed for the IEEE 802.11n amendment is analyzed. Simulation results, validated by analytical modeling, show that the proposed auto-correlation synchronization scheme is robust over frequency selective spatially correlated TGn MIMO channels impaired with frequency(More)
This research deals with a study of case, unifying theoretical and practical aspects, regarding the cell-planning of Wideband Code Division Multiplexing (WCDMA) Release 99 (Rel99) and High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) Rel. 5 networks. The used methodology, validated by the close agreement between field and numerical results for throughput and cell(More)
It is shown analytical and simulation results on the performance of legacy IEEE 802.11a time synchronization algorithms when the synchronization preamble is transmitted by IEEE 802.11n devices with multiple transmitting antennas using cyclic shift diversity. It is concluded that an auto-correlation synchronization scheme allows the legacy compatibility over(More)