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The process of visual segmentation was studied by quantitatively estimating the apparent difference (i.e. the perceptual contrast) between two segments of a heterochromatic field. A chromatic test bar (Munsell 5R 6/6, 5BG 6/6, 5Y 6/6, or 5PB 6/6) was centered in an achromatic surround (Munsell N6) and the luminance contrast between the test bar and surround(More)
On-site greywater reuse (GWR) and installation of water-efficient toilets (WET) reduce urban freshwater demand. Research on GWR and WET has generally overlooked the effects that GWR may have on municipal sewer systems. This paper discusses and quantifies these effects. The effects of GWR and WET, positive and negative, were studied by modelling a(More)
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