Roger Patron-Lozano

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In the past two decades, much advancement has been made in the area of organ procurement and preservation for the transplant of kidneys, livers, and lungs. However, small intestine preservation remains unchanged. We propose a new preservation system for intestinal grafts that has the potential to increase the viability of the organ during transport. When(More)
BACKGROUND Small intestine ischemia can be seen in various conditions such as intestinal transplantation. To further understand the pathologic disruption in ischemia-reperfusion injury, we have developed a method to measure fluid changes in the intestinal lumen of rats. METHODS Two 10-cm rat intestine segments were procured, connected to the terminal(More)
The small intestine is one of the most ischemia-sensitive organs used in transplantation. To better preserve the intestinal graft viability and decrease ischemia-reperfusion injury, a device for extracorporeal perfusion was developed. We present the results for the first series of perfused human intestine with an intestinal perfusion unit (IPU). Five human(More)
BACKGROUND Intestinal ischemia is observed in conditions such as mesenteric ischemia, or during traumatic events such as intestinal transplantation. Intestinal ischemia leads to pathophysiologic disruptions that present as increased fluid secretion into the intestinal lumen. We propose a novel method to detect real-time ischemic injury that is used in an in(More)
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