Roger P. Mee

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This paper describes the development of a simple empirical scoring function designed to estimate the free energy of binding for a protein-ligand complex when the 3D structure of the complex is known or can be approximated. The function uses simple contact terms to estimate lipophilic and metal-ligand binding contributions, a simple explicit form for(More)
This report describes the rational design of novel analogues of a 15-residue antibacterial peptide CAMEL0. A constrained D-optimal design was carried out to derive a training set of 60 analogues. Partial least squares (PLS) models describing quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSARs) were initially derived for the peptides using two published and(More)
Affinity-purified antibodies directed against carbohydrate-binding protein 35 (CBP35), a galactose-specific lectin, were used to screen a lambda gt 11 expression library derived from mRNA of 3T3 fibroblasts. This screening yielded several putative clones containing cDNA for CBP35, one of which was characterized in terms of its expression of a fusion protein(More)
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