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The effects of immobilization stress, isolation stress and administration of Hoe-427 on free-choice consumption of ethanol by Lewis and Sprague-Dawley rats were studied. The animals were offered two-bottle choice consumption of 0.2% saccharin and 10% ethanol/0.2% saccharin, then exposed to 4 days of immobilization stress or isolation stress on an irregular,(More)
The individual and interactive effects of immobilization stress, ACTH11-24 and ACTH4-10 on the free-choice consumption of ethanol in rats were studied. Stress and ethanol both result in activation of the HPA axis and release of ACTH1-39. The animals were offered a two-bottle choice consumption of 0.2% saccharin and 10% ethanol. They were exposed to(More)
The calcium entry blocker, verapamil, enhanced morphine analgesia, but neither methadone nor propoxyphene analgesia was affected by verapamil in the mouse hot-plate test. To explain this, it was hypothesized that methadione and propoxyphene differ from morphine because they, like verapamil, block calcium channels and subsequent studies were done to confirm(More)
1. The possible role of brain histamine in behavioural performance was studied in rats using thirst-induced water consumption, continuous (Sidman) avoidance, and reinforcement withdrawal test systems.2. Parenteral administration of a variety of antihistamines to rats decreased thirst-induced water consumption; this effect could be antagonized by(More)