Roger P Maickel

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Adult male rats were exposed to single applications of one of three stressful stimuli (low environmental temperature, immobilization, random footshock) for periods up to 4 hours and plasma levels of corticosterone (PCS), fatty acids (PFA), and glucose (PGL) were determined at various points during the stress exposure and 1 and 2 hours post-exposure. The(More)
The individual and interactive effects of immobilization stress, ACTH11-24 and ACTH4-10 on the free-choice consumption of ethanol in rats were studied. Stress and ethanol both result in activation of the HPA axis and release of ACTH1-39. The animals were offered a two-bottle choice consumption of 0.2% saccharin and 10% ethanol. They were exposed to(More)
Ethanol consummatory patterns of individual male and female rats and the effects of Hoe-427 (Ebiratide), an ACTH4-9 analog, thereon, were studied in a test system using 24 hour, two-bottle free choice consumption between 0.2% saccharin and 10% ethanol in 0.2% saccharin. Single, daily i.p. doses (0.03mg/rat) of either ACTH4-10 or its analog resulted in a(More)
1. Previous studies conducted in our laboratory demonstrated that rats given a choice between a 0.1% saccharin solution or 10% ethanol/0.1% saccharin solution and repeatedly exposed on an unpredictable basis to stressful stimuli, consumed increasing quantities of the ethanol solution following cessation of stressor presentation as compared to nonstressed(More)
In the present study, the relationship between central catecholamine levels and the anorexia induced by Walker 256 carcinoma was investigated. Results indicate that the anorexia is not due to depletion of central catecholamines. Tumor bearing rats sacrificed at night, when spontaneous food intake is selectively depressed, showed increased norepinephrine(More)
" The fact that this paper has been labeled a Citation Classic is proof that the phrase 'build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door' holds true even in scientific research! But, after all, what is a new analytical procedure other than a 'better mousetrap' —an improved means for doing a necessary job? The aura attached to a major(More)
Subjecting rats to a brief period of centrifugal rotation produces a brief analgesia (1-2 min) that is similar to that produced by pretreatment with morphine. The effect of the morphine is blocked by naloxone, while that of the centrifugal rotation is only partially blocked by the same dose of naloxone. Cholinergic blocking agents such as scopolamine are(More)
1. The magnitude of physostigmine-induced hypothermia increased with decreasing environmental temperature. 2. The hypothermic response was accompanied by significant changes in plasma levels of corticosterone, glucose and fatty acids. 3. Central cholinergic mediation appears to be a significant component of physostigmine-induced hypothermia and(More)