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Lattice operations such as greatest lower bound (GLB), least upper bound (LUB), and relative complementation (BUTNOT) are becoming more and more important in programming languages supporting object inheritance. We present a general technique for the efficient implementation of such operations based on an encoding method. The effect of the encoding is to(More)
The intent of this article is twofold: To survey prominent proposals for the integration of logic and functional programming and to present a new paradigm for the same purpose. We categorize current research into four types of approaches, depending on the level at which the proposed integration is achieved. Unlike most current work, our approach is not(More)
An elaboration of the Prolog language is described in which the notion of first-order term is replaced by a more general one. This extended form of terms allows the integration of inheritance---an <i>IS-A</i> taxonomy---directly into the unification process rather than indirectly through the resolution-based inference mechanism of Prolog. This(More)
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