Roger Merriman

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A convenient and reliable multisample assay for the screening of inhibitors of the growth factor signalling enzyme phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (PtdIns-3-K) has been developed. Four natural product inhibitors of Ptdlns-3-K have been identified with IC50 values for hypericin 0.18 microM, emodin 3.3 microM, asperuloside 2.0 microM and uttronin A 1.1 microM.
Chronology and Meaning: Reflections on the General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century Jonathan Dewald University at Buffalo It requires no special historical theory to view the seventeenth century-with its wars, assassinations, plagues, and rebellions-as an age of plural crises. But it is another story to speak of these multiple events as somehow linked,(More)
The pathohistology of the diabetic lens is an enigma. Under normal conditions the lens behaves as a functional syncitium, whereas the diabetic lens exhibits a localized zone of fibre cell swelling and rupture that is confined to the lens outer cortex. Because the lens fibre cells are extensively coupled by gap junction channels, it is believed that the(More)
Background Copy number variation (CNV) is a common feature of eukaryotic genomes, and a growing body of evidence suggests that genes affected by CNV are enriched in processes that are associated with environmental responses. Here we use next generation sequence (NGS) data to detect copy-number variable regions (CNVRs) within the Malus x domestica genome, as(More)
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