Roger Menday

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The UNICORE Grid-technology provides a seamless, secure and intuitive access to distributed Grid resources. In this paper we present the recent evolution from project results to production Grids. At the beginning UNICORE was developed as a prototype software in two projects funded by the German research ministry (BMBF). Over the following years, in various(More)
  • Roger Menday
  • Advanced Int'l Conference on Telecommunications…
  • 2006
Since its inception a significant asset of the UNICORE Grid middleware has been the Gateway which presents a single point of entry to services available at a particular UNICORE site. This paper presents the design and implementation of the SOAP and WS-Addressing based Gateway component to be used by the next generation of the UNICORE software. Building on(More)
This paper describes the DESHL -- an open standards-based means for accessing the DEISA consortium's heterogeneous supercomputing Grid. The paper provides some background on DEISA before giving an overview of the functionality and architecture of the DESHL.
A Universal API for Grids Grids introduced a new way of information processing that utilizes many resources distributed among various organizations, in space and time. Mature middleware tools as well as complex applications have been developed recently, to efficiently utilize the power offered by the Grid systems. These achievements demonstrated that the(More)
The UNICORE grid technology provides a seamless, secure, and intuitive access to distributed grid resources. UNICORE is a full-grown and well-tested grid middleware system that is used in daily production and research projects worldwide. The success of the UNICORE technology can at least partially be explained by the fact that UNICORE consists of a(More)
In order to foster uptake by scientific and business users we need an easy way to access Grid resources. This is the motivation for the A-WARE project. We build upon a fabric layer of Grid and other resources, by providing a higher-layer service for managing the interaction with these resources A One-Stop, Fire-and-(almost)Forget, Droppingoff and Rendezvous(More)