Roger McGilvray

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The EVI1 transcriptional repressor is critical to the normal development of a variety of tissues and participates in the progression of acute myeloid leukaemias. The repressor domain (Rp) was used to screen an adult human kidney yeast two-hybrid library and a novel binding partner designated ubiquitously expressed transcript (UXT) was isolated. Enforced(More)
Realizing the potential clinical and industrial applications of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) is limited by the need for costly, labile, or undefined growth substrates. Here we demonstrate that trypsin passaging of the hESC lines, HUES7 and NOTT1, on oxygen plasma etched tissue culture polystyrene (PE-TCPS) in conditioned medium is compatible with(More)
The Evi1 transcriptional repressor protein is expressed in a developmentally regulated manner, is essential for normal development, participates in regulating cell proliferation and differentiation of cells of haemopoietic and neuronal origin and contributes to the progression of leukaemia. In this report we describe a new murine Evi1 gene transcript(More)
The human major histocompatibility complex is a multi-gene ~4 Mb of DNA including the highly polymorphic HLA genes which are fundamental in effecting a healthy immune response. Detailed knowledge of the structure and function of HLA genes and their alleles and HLA proteins and their allotypes has rapidly evolved because of their role in clinical(More)
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