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Digital data-page holograms consisting of 1024 x 1024 arrays of binary pixels have been stored and subsequently retrieved with an optical exposure consistent with a data rate 1 Gbit /s. Each input pixel was precisely registered with a single detector pixel, and a raw bit-error rate as low as 2.4 x 10(-6) was demonstrated with global-threshold detection. To(More)
A consecutive series of 100 translabyrinthine operations for removal of acoustic neurinoma is reported. Complete tumor removal was achieved in 97% of cases. There were three perioperative deaths, and the postoperative morbidity rate was low. The facial nerve was preserved anatomically in 82% of patients. Preoperative facial weakness and tumor size larger(More)
Sleep disturbances in Parkinson's disease (PD) are a common problem. The aim of this study was to detail the frequency and nature of sleep disorders in a representative population of PD patients. A recently identified prevalent population, consisting of 161 PD patients were used as a representative population. Twenty-seven of 122 (22%) patients were(More)
Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) was found to pass from ganglionic blood vessels into the extracellular space of dorsal root and Vth nerve ganglia within 2 min of intravenous injection in the rat. By 5 min, the tracer had penetrated into perineuronal and periaxonal spaces. A brisk macrophage response occured, and these cells rapidly engulfed the tracer so that(More)
This chapter reviews the evidence that challenges traditional and unproven notions which perpetuate the singular importance of constriction and dilation to the genesis of migraine pain. New data in experimental laboratory models suggest that migraine headache may develop primarily from metabolic/neurophysiological events (as yet unidentified) within the(More)
unilateral absence of the greater wing of the sphenoid bone is a distinctive but uncommon manifestation of Type I neurofibromatosis, which has until now been regarded as a developmental anomaly of mesodermal origin. A computed tomographic scan was obtained in a 4-week-old infant with an abnormal left eye. The scan demonstrated an intact ipsilateral sphenoid(More)
From a total of 114 encephaloceles treated surgically at The Hospital for Sick Children in the 15 years to 1994, the case records of 17 patients with sincipital and 5 patients with basal defects were reviewed retrospectively. The condition was evident at birth in 64% of patients, while the remainder presented with either cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)(More)
Cerebral hyperperfusion, a state in which blood flow exceeds the metabolic needs of brain, may complicate a number of neurological and neurosurgical conditions. It may account for the propensity with which hemorrhage, cerebral edema, or seizures follow embolic stroke, carotid endarterectomy, or the excision of large arteriovenous malformations, and for some(More)
One thousand volume holographic data pages, each containing 1x10(6)pixels , are stored in a common volume of LiNbO(3) :Fe by use of the 90 degrees geometry. An effective transverse aperture of 1.6 mm x 1.6mm , realized by repetition of this experiment at each of the eight surrounding locations, results in a demonstrated areal density of 394pixels/mum (2)(More)