Roger M. Kieckhafer

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This paper describes the Multicomputer Architecture for Fault-Tolerance (MAFT), a distributed system designed to provide extremely reliable computation in real-time control systems. MAFT is based on the physical and functional partitioning of executive functions from application functions. The implementation of the executive functions in a special-purpose(More)
Using data collected at the Pierre Auger Observatory during the past 3.7 years, we demonstrated a correlation between the arrival directions of cosmic rays with energy above 6 x 10(19) electron volts and the positions of active galactic nuclei (AGN) lying within approximately 75 megaparsecs. We rejected the hypothesis of an isotropic distribution of these(More)
ÐIn a fault-tolerant distributed system, it is often necessary for nonfaulty processes to agree on the value of a shared data item. The criterion of Approximate Agreement does not require processes to achieve exact agreement on a value; rather, they need only agree to within a predefined numerical tolerance. Approximate Agreement can be achieved through(More)
Firewalls form the first line of defense in securing internal networks from the Internet. A Firewall only provides security if all traffic into and out of an internal network passes through the firewall. However, a single firewall through which all network traffic must flow represents a single point of failure. If the firewall is down, all access is lost. A(More)
The failure and repair of modules in an N-Modular Redundant (NMR) system are governed by a failure time distribution and repair time distribution, respectively. It is generally reasonable to assume that a module's failure time distribution is a simple exponential distribution. However, it is not reasonable to assume that the repair time distribution is also(More)