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User authored stories will always be the best stories, and authoring tools will continue to be developed. However, a digital lifetime capture permits storytelling via a lightweight markup structure, combined with location, sensor and usage data. In this paper we describe support in the MyLifeBits system for such an approach, along with some simple authoring(More)
MyLifeBits is a project to fulfill the Memex vision first posited by Vannevar Bush in 1945. It is a system for storing all of one's digital media, including documents, images, sounds, and videos. It is built on four principles: (1) collections and search must replace hierarchy for organization (2) many visualizations should be supported (3) annotations are(More)
This paper presents a number of new techniques for parallelizing geo-spatial database systems and discusses their implementation in the Paradise object-relational database system. The effectiveness of these techniques is demonstrated using a variety of complex geo-spatial queries over a 120 GB global geo-spatial data set.
Within five years, our personal computers with terabyte disk drives will be able to store everything we read, write, hear, and many of the images we see including video. Vannevar Bush outlined such a system in his famous 1945 Memex article [1]. For the last four years we have worked on MyLifeBits www.MyLifeBits.com http://www.MyLifeBits.com, a system to(More)
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