Roger L. Traylor

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—The most pressing and critical needs for engineering graduates in 2013 and beyond are to be natural innovators who are able to integrate their knowledge to solve complex engineering problems. This paper introduces an integrated platform for learning™ as a solution to meet these needs. The platform for learning provides an environment for innovation, while(More)
 Attracting, educating and retaining new engineering students is a challenge. The creative aspirations and "can do" attitude spawned by the space race, Heathkits, and homemade crystal radios have been replaced with the passive satisfaction of video games, cell phones and throwaway electronic appliances. At Oregon State University we have made a fundamental(More)
—Outcomes based assessment has shown that introducing a platform for learning™ based on a robot referred to as TekBots™ into the first two electrical and computer engineering (ECE) courses enhances students' sense of community, innovation capabilities, and troubleshooting skills. At Oregon State University , Corvallis, ECE students enhance their fundamental(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENT Many people have contributed to the development of this thesis over the last two years. First and foremost I would like to thank my advisors, Dr. Un-Ku Moon and Dr. Gábor Temes, for supporting this research and for providing an environment in which it has been possible to freely pursue independent avenues of thought. Their foresight,(More)
Computer engineering is predominately taught in a way that separates topics into seemingly unrelated islands ofinforormation, where each island is the class in which the topic is presented. When viewed across classes, the topics seem lo have little relution to each other. The way topics ure presented ignores the need for connection and for integration,(More)
The design of an asynchronously shared memory module for the AsAP platform is presented. AsAP consists of a 2-dimensional array of processing elements with limited memory resources. The memory module expands the storage capacity available to AsAP processors, enabling the mapping of applications with large working sets. The memory module described shares an(More)
The purpose of this paper is to introduce a Mechatronic platform that was recently developed to enhance Mechanical Engineering curriculum. This new platform provides hands-on experience, encourages innovation, and presents the means for a more holistic education of engineering graduates. Introduction In today's competitive market, there is a critical need(More)
(which include enhancing community building, student innovation and design skills, depth, breadth and professionalism), educational hardware design, and horizontal and vertical inter-class connections have been better understood through the research. This paper summarizes the design research process as it is used at OSU to reform engineering education.(More)