Roger L. Davis

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Researchers have recently used the new programmable capabilities of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to increase the performance of scientific codes. We investigate the use of a cluster of GPUs for large-scale CFD problems and show order-of-magnitude increases in performance and performance-to-price ratio. We implement two separate compressible flow(More)
A new high-performance general-purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU) computational fluid dynamics (CFD) library is introduced for use with structured-grid CFD algorithms. A novel set of parallel tridiagonal matrix solvers, implemented in CUDA, is included for use with structured-grid CFD algorithms. The solver library supports both scalar and(More)
The results from a steady, viscous flow simulation of the main flowpath of a modern jet engine transonic high-pressure turbine, transition duct, and first vane of the low-pressure turbine, coupled with the secondary-air system under the high-pressure turbine, is presented. The secondary-air system configuration includes the lower cavity near the centerline,(More)
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