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Most common database management systems represent information in a simple record-based format. Semantic modeling provides richer data structuring capabilities for database applications. In particular, research in this area has articulated a number of constructs that provide mechanisms for representing structurally complex interrelations among data typically(More)
Cactis is an object-oriented, multiuser DBMS developed at the University of Colorado. The system supports functionally-defined data and uses techniques based on attributed graphs to optimize the maintenance of functionally-defined data. The implementation is self-adaptive in that the physical organization and the update algorithms dynamically change in(More)
This paper presents a framework for data integration that is based on using “Squirrel integration mediators” that use materialization to support integrated views over multiple databases. These mediators generalize techniques from active databases to provide incremental propagation of updates to the materialized views. A framework based on “View(More)
This report presents a review of the problems that were discussed during the Workshop on Semantic Heterogeneity and Interoperability in Multidatabase Systems. The workshop participants discussed the importance of interoperation in the U S WEST information processing environment and the progress that has been achieved in three major research areas:(More)
The Semantics-Knowledgeable Interface (Ski) is designed to provide a powerful but usable interface to databases. To do this, it combines the expressiveness of semantic models, the broad communications “bandwidth” of graphics, and a novel approach to the representation and manipulation of database schemas. 1. lIltroduction This paper describes a database(More)