Roger K. Lake

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Graphene exhibits extraordinary electrical properties and is therefore often envisioned to be the candidate material for post-silicon era as Silicon technology approaches fundamental scaling limits. Various Graphene based electronic devices and interconnects have been proposed in the past. In this paper, we explore the possibility of a hybrid fabric between(More)
Graphene is an emerging nano-material that has garnered immense research interest due to its exotic electrical properties. It is believed to be a potential candidate for post-Si nanoelectronics due to high carrier mobility and extreme scalability. Recently, a new graphene nanoribbon crossbar (xGNR) device was proposed which exhibits negative differential(More)
Graphene is an emerging nanomaterial believed to be a potential candidate for post-Si nanoelectronics due to its exotic properties. Recently, a new <i>graphene nanoribbon crossbar</i> (xGNR) device was proposed which exhibits <i>negative differential resistance</i> (NDR). In this article, a multistate memory design is presented that can store multiple bits(More)
Graphene nanoribbon crossbars exhibit negative differential resistance. This nonlinear current-voltage response can be exploited in a nanomesh geometry for high-density logic or memory. A 2xN crossbar array can store 3N states. Proof-of-principle of a high functional density architecture exploiting the non-linear dynamics of graphene nanoribbon crossbars in(More)
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