Roger Jowell

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This article presents the results of the first Deliberative Poll, in which a national British sample discussed the issue of rising crime and what to do about it. We describe Deliberative Polling and its rationale, the representativeness of the deliberative sample, the extent to which the participants acquired factual information about the issue and about(More)
Using data from a randomized field experiment within a Deliberative Poll, this paper examines deliberation's effects on both policy attitudes and the extent to which ordinal rankings of policy options approach single-peakedness (a help in avoiding cyclical majorities). The setting was New Haven, Connecticut, and its surrounding towns; the issues were(More)
At the heart of any notion of democracy is some element of public input into the policy-making process. Inputs can take the form of direct democracy or parliamentary democracy or both. Parliamentary democracy is a form of representative democracy, in which the electorate determines who its representatives are; the majority party or coalition forms the(More)
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