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The upstream migratory behaviour of wild and ranched Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in a small Irish coastal spate river was investigated using acoustic telemetry. Prespawning migratory behaviour was investigated including movement patterns at a large natural waterfall in the lower reaches of the river. A strong diurnal pattern was observed for upstream(More)
NASA has defined a metric to determine the necessary launch capacity for an advanced life-support system (ALS), designed to support humans for an extended duration beyond low earth orbit. This metric allows the comparison of techniques and technologies over time and between mission scenarios, yielding the optimum physical-chemical and bioregenerative array(More)
The migration patterns, timing and biological characteristics of wild Atlantic salmon Salmo salar smolts in the River Bush, Northern Ireland, were examined over the period 1978-2008. A distinct change in the timing of the smolt run was detected with progressively earlier emigration periods evident across the time series. The shift in run timing ranged from(More)
This paper presents an empirical analysis of a choice-theoretic model of cultural transmission. In particular, we use data from the General Social Survey to estimate the structural parameters of a model of marriage and child socialization along religious lines in the U.S. The observed intermarriage and socialization rates are consistent with a strong(More)
A flexible panel consisting of 38 informative microsatellite markers for Salmo trutta is described. These markers were selected from a pool of over 150 candidate loci that can be readily amplified in four multiplex PCR groups but other permutations are also possible. The basic properties of each markers were assessed in six population samples from both the(More)
An enhancement programme based on stocking 0+ year age-class Atlantic salmon Salmo salar, conducted in the River Bush, Northern Ireland, U.K. over the period 1996-2005, was reviewed with reference to the performance and biological characteristics of wild fish. Wild ova to 0+ year fry (summer) survival was c. 8% with subsequent wild 0+ year fry-to-smolt(More)
The movements of adult Atlantic salmon Salmo salar were determined as they migrated to spawning habitats in a large lacustrine catchment, Lough Neagh, in Northern Ireland. The minimum average ground speed of S. salar through the lake was 2·1 km day(-1) and the mean residence time was 11 days. Tagged S. salar tended to actively migrate through the lake which(More)
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