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Seven 3-alkyl-4-aryl-1,5-dihydro-2H-pyrrol-2-ones were prepared as potential inhibitors of cardiac cAMP phosphodiesterase (PDE). The design of these compounds made use of rolipram, a known inhibitor of the brain cAMP PDE isozyme, as a lead structure and was guided by a model which describes the features required for potent inhibition of the cardiac isozyme.(More)
“Bubble Bobble” is a 2D arcade game by Taito. We made a new version of the game that uses 3D computer graphics techniques to visualize the gameplay. We wanted our implementation of the game to have the features of the original game plus several graphical enhancements and to allow future extensions of the game into a full three dimensional space. We achieved(More)
Twenty-six alkyl and aralkyl histamine analogues were prepared as potential cardiotonic agents. Compounds were designed to allow interaction with a putative secondary aryl binding site at the H2 receptor, the presence of which was inferred from the structure of cyprohepatadine, which is known to have H2-antagonist properties. The compounds were examined for(More)
A series of heterocyclic N-[(diethylamino)alkyl]arenamides related to acecainide was prepared and examined for antiarrhythmic activity. The compounds were synthesized from the corresponding known heterocyclic carboxylic acids or esters by using standard amide formation methods. The effects of the compounds on the electrophysiological properties of canine(More)
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