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The value of myoelectric recording in the gastrointestinal tract has been limited by the difficulty of analyzing the prolonged recordings which are required to demonstrate integrated physiological activity. This problem has been solved by the use of a tape recording system with accelerated replay, originally developed for cardiac monitoring. Rapid replay(More)
The aim of this work is to introduce a pre-processing step that can be used to detect objects in computer vision systems. The new technique detects the closed shape objects in the input image and neglects all the irrelevant data regions. The detection process starts by implementing the hit-miss transform to produce a binary noise-free image. Watershed(More)
It is necessary to calculate location-specific marine ∆R values in order to calibrate marine samples using calibration curves such as those provided through the IntCal98 (Stuiver et al. 1998) data. Where known-age samples are available, this calculation is straightforward (i.e. Stuiver et al. 1986). In the case that a paired marine/terrestrial sample(More)
The aim of this paper is to detect faces in noisy images. All the test images contain faces with uniform background. The Hit-Miss transform is used to detect the boundaries of the objects and eliminate the effect of noise. Two filters are cascaded in a special way as to handle high levels of noise. An application for face detection in noisy conditions is(More)
A real-time system that detects objects in digital images is presented in this paper. An Object is considered as a closed shape figure. The detection algorithm aims at finding the closed shape objects and eliminating the background regions. The detection starts by implementing the hit-miss transform (HMT) to detect edges and remove noise. Watershed(More)
Many applications utilize short-gate pulse-Doppler schemes to extract velocity information, such as a blood vessel's velocity profile. Advances in signal processing hardware permit software gating to replace traditional hardware gating. Although software gating can be advantageous, the added computational complexity hinders real-time operation, which is(More)