Roger Gimson

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In the construction of variable data documents, the layout of component parts to build a composite section with heterogeneous layout functions can be implemented by a tree-evaluating layout processor. This handles many cases with well-scoped structure very smoothly but becomes complex when layout relationships between components cut across a strict tree. We(More)
Variable data documents can be considered as functions of their bindings to values, and this function could be arbitrarily complex to build strongly-customised but high-value documents. We outline an approach for editing such documents from example instances, which is highly configurable in terms of controlling exactly what is editable and how, capable of(More)
XML-based variable data documents are special cases of XML documents subjected to processing before final visualisation. We demonstrate how such 'templates' can be edited from specific instances in a generalised manner and that this can be supported by a highly extensible and configurable editing framework. The demonstration covers simple authoring actions,(More)
Variable data can be considered as functions of their bindings to values. The Document Description Framework (DDF) treats documents in this manner, using XSLT semantics to describe document functionality and a variety of related mechanisms to support layout, reference and so forth. But the result of evaluation of a function could itself be a function: can(More)
The Document Description Framework (DDF) [1] is a representation for variable-data documents, designed to support very high flexibility in the type and extent of variation, considerably beyond 'copy-hole' or flow-based mechanisms of existing formats and tools. This demonstration shows how i) DDF documents can be evaluated and merged to construct complex(More)
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