Roger Frye

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This paper describes the results of an ITiCSE working group convened in 2013 to review and revisit the influential ITiCSE 2001 McCracken working group that reported [18] on novice programmers' ability to solve a specified programming problem. Like that study, the one described here asked students to implement a simple program. Unlike the original study,(More)
We describe a radix-2 FFT implementation on the Connection Machine. The FFT implementation pipelines successive FFT stages to make full use of the communication capability of the network interconnecting processors, when there are multiple elements assigned to each processor. Of particular interest in distributed memory architectures such as the Connection(More)
Moving regions are a form of spatiotemporal data in which a region changes in shape and/or position over time. In many fields, moving regions representing real-world phenomena are collected using sensors that take temporally encoded snapshots of regions. We provide a novel algorithm that creates a moving region between any two complex regions. The proposed(More)
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