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The <italic>value dependence graph</italic> (VDG) is a sparse dataflow-like representation that simplifies program analysis and transformation. It is a functional representation that represents control flow as data flow and makes explicit all machine quantities, such as stores and I/O channels. We are developing a compiler that builds a VDG representing a(More)
We desired a facility for locatingganalyzing syntactic artifacts in abstract syntax trees of CCC++ programs, similar to the facility grep or awk provides for locating artifacts at the lexical level. Prolog, with its implicit pattern-matching and backtracking capabilities, is a natural choice for such a n application. We have developed a Prolog variant that(More)
Lisp has shown that a programmable syntax macro system acts as an adjunct to the compiler that gives the programmer important and powerful abstraction facilities not provided by the language. Unlike simple token substitution macros, such as are provided by CPP (the C preprocessor), syntax macros operate on Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs). Programmable syntax(More)
We combine the principles of the Floyd-Warshall-Kleene algorithm, enriched categories, and Birkhoff arithmetic, to yield a useful class of algebras of transitive vertex-labeled spaces. The motivating application is a uniform theory of abstract or parametrized time in which to any given notion of time there corresponds an algebra of concurrent behaviors and(More)
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