Roger E. Cooley

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Web-based organizations often generate and collect large volumes of data in their daily operations. Analyzing such data involves the discovery of meaningful relationships from a large collection of primarily un-structured data, often stored in Web server access logs. While traditional domains for data mining, such as point of sale databases, have naturally(More)
This paper proposes a novel open-architecture approach to the design of digital controller hardware for power electronics systems. The paper discusses the benefits of such an approach and compares it to the more conventional centralized controller approach. Prototypes of the three key open-architecture functional blocks: high-speed serial communication(More)
In this paper it is argued that an expert system requires more than factual knowledge before it can display expertise in a given domain. The additional knowledge consists of the heuristics or 'rules of thumb' used by an expert to manipulate and interpret the factual knowledge. The knowledge acquisition phase of an expert system project involves determining(More)
The last few years have seen new developments to understand and tackle the significant public health issue posed by chronic kidney disease (CKD). Established renal disease currently consumes 2% of the UK National Health Service budget and predictions are that this figure will increase significantly due to the rising number of people requiring renal(More)