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This study was designed to compare the effects of dietary supplementation with nondigestible carbohydrates, differing in fermentability by colonic bacteria, on hepatic steatosis in growing obese Zucker rats. Male Zucker fa/fa rats were divided into three groups: a control group that received the basal diet, a fructan group that received 10 g highly(More)
Development of high magnetic field MRI techniques is hampered by the significant artifacts produced by B0 field inhomogeneities in the excited slices. A technique, gradient-echo slice excitation profile imaging (GESEPI), is presented for recovering the signal lost caused by intravoxel phase dispersion in T2*-weighted images. This technique superimposes an(More)
The herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase gene was transferred into C6 glioma cells by infection with a recombinant adenovirus. In vitro, a 10 microM ganciclovir concentration was able to kill 100% of the infected cells. For in vivo experiments, brain tumors were established by stereotactic injection of C6 glioma cells in the caudate nucleus of rats. Five(More)
The effects of insulin on tumor oxygenation, perfusion, oxygen consumption,and radiation sensitivity were studied on two different mouse tumor models (TLT, a liver tumor, and FSAII, a fibrosarcoma). Anesthetized mice were infused with insulin i.v. at a rate of 16 milliUnits/kg/min for 25 min. Local tumor oxygenation measurements were carried out using two(More)
31P NMR spectroscopy was used to study the energy metabolism of dystrophin-deficient skeletal muscle of mdx mice, an animal model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, in which expression of a truncated form of utrophin has been obtained through transgenesis technology. Measurements of ATP, phosphocreatine (PCr), inorganic phosphates (Pi) and intracellular pH(More)
PURPOSE In an effort to improve radiotherapy treatments, methods aimed at increasing the quantity of oxygen delivered to tumors were investigated. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of one nitric oxide (NO) donor (isosorbide dinitrate) on pO(2) and blood flow in a murine tumor model. The effect was compared to carbogen, used as a reference(More)
The development of oxygen-sensitive paramagnetic materials is being pursued actively because of their potential applications in in vivo EPR oximetry. Among these materials, several charcoals and carbohydrate chars are of special interest because of their desirable EPR properties: high sensitivity of the EPR linewidth to the partial pressure of oxygen,(More)
In this study, we report the synthesis and the evaluation as MRI contrast agent of arabinogalactan/pyrrolidinoxyl radicals (PCA) covalent adduct (SLAG:Spin Labelled ArabinoGalactan). Arabinogalactan was used as targeting device, as it is recognized by the asialoglycoprotein receptor specific to the hepatocytes. The higher relaxivity R1 in water of SLAG,(More)
Up to now, there is no reliable non invasive biomarker for the concentration of manganese (Mn) in the brain after intoxication to this metal. The aim of the present experimental study was to determine the predictive value of the localized measurement of the proton NMR relaxation time T1 as a quantitative estimation of the concentration of Mn in brain. The(More)
In this study, we report the synthesis and the evaluation as MRI contrast agent of a new compound (nitroxyl fatty acid, NFA), where a pyrrolidinoxyl radical (3-carboxy-proxyl, PCA) is linked to a fatty acid moiety. Fatty acids were selected as vector because they present a high affinity for the liver, their efficient cellular uptake being the result of a(More)