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Political Institutions and Pollution Control
This paper models the selection of environmental policies under authoritarian and democratic regimes, and tests the hypothesis that political institutions systematically affect the enactment ofExpand
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On the political economy of the financial crisis and bailout of 2008–2009
U.S. policies to promote home ownership and other banking regulatory decisions helped to create a highly leveraged international market for mortgage-based securities. Declines in the price ofExpand
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Rationality, Morality, and Exit
The morality and rationality issue is explored from an Axelrod-type perspective; that is, it is discussed in terms of recurrent-prisoner's-dilemma-type games and behavioral strategies or programs forExpand
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Committees and rent-seeking effort
Abstract This paper explores the extent to which administrative structures may influence the extent of rent-seeking effort. Within the environments explored, relatively smaller efforts tend to beExpand
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The story of Katrina: New Orleans and the political economy of catastrophe
This paper analyzes the public policies that lead to ‘`Katrina,’' paying particular attention to political decisions that created unusual risks in the New Orleans area. Most of the deaths fromExpand
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Politics by Principle, Not Interest: Towards Nondiscriminatory Democracy
"Politics by principle is that which modern politics is not. What we observe is 'politics by interest', whether in the form of explicitly discriminatory treatment (rewarding or punishing) ofExpand
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Efficient status seeking: Externalities, and the evolution of status games
Abstract Status-seeking games are games in which an individual's utility is determined by his relative expenditure on status-seeking activities rather than his absolute consumption. There are aExpand
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On the political economy of state highway expenditures: Some evidence of the relative performance of alternative public choice models
This paper explores the extent to which the public demand for roads and/or power of special interest groups determines road expenditures at the state level using an extension of the methodologyExpand
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Companion to the Political Economy of Rent Seeking
The quest for benefit from existing wealth or by seeking privileged benefit through influence over policy is known as rent seeking. Much rent seeking activity involves government and politicalExpand
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Perfecting Parliament: Constitutional Reform, Liberalism, and the Rise of Western Democracy
1. On the origins of Western democracy 2. Team production, organization, and governance 3. Organizational governance in the long run 4. The origins of territorial governance 5. ConstitutionalExpand
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