Roger D. Pickett

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Following investigation of a large number of new ligands based upon propylene amine oxime (PnAO)the d,l-diastereoisomer of hexamethyl propyleneamine oxime (HM-PAO) was selected as the preferred ligand for @9†• Tc as a tracer for cerebral perfusion imaging. The neutral, lipophilic 99mTc complex of d,l-HM-PAO was formed in high yield by stannous reduction(More)
A total of nine normal volunteer subjects were studied with three forms of [99@c@xamethyIpropyleneamineoxime (HM-PAO), a potential cerebral blood flow imaging agent. One, the d,l isomer, showed 4. 1 % uptake in the brain Which remained constant over 8 hr. There was good differentiationbetween uptake in @ay and white matter on tomographic slices. We(More)
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