Roger D Curren

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Advances in the technology of human cell and tissue culture and the increasing availability of human tissue for laboratory studies have led to the increased use of in vitro human tissue models in toxicology and pharmacodynamics studies and in quantitative modeling of metabolism, pharmacokinetic behavior, and transport. In recognition of the potential(More)
Mucosal surfaces, such as the vaginal epithelium, are natural barriers to infection that are constantly exposed to bacteria and viruses, and are therefore potential sites of entry for numerous pathogens. The vaginal epithelium can be damaged mechanically, e.g. by the incorrect use of objects such as tampons, and by chemicals that are irritating or(More)
Three independent laboratories tested eight "model" and five coded chemicals in the Syrian hamster embryo clonal transformation assay system to establish the intra- and interlaboratory reproducibility of the system and to identify sources of variability. When a common cell pool and the same lot of fetal calf serum were used, the three laboratories obtained(More)
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