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This study was performed to investigate the influence of repeated psychological stress alone or combined with high NaCl intake on the function of the sympathetic nervous system. In addition, NPY levels have been measured in brain regions of potential importance in the central regulation of stress responses (ventrolateral and dorsomedial medulla,(More)
We investigated the age-related changes in the tissular protein, cortico-releasing factor (CRF), somatostatin (SOM), neuropeptide Y(NPY), methionine enkephalin (M-ENK) and beta-endorphin (beta-END) levels in frontal cortex, hippocampus, striatum and hypothalamus of young (4-month-old), mature (18-month-old) and senescent (26-month-old) Wistar male rats,(More)
Neuropeptide Y (NPY) is thought to play a crucial role in the normal hypothalamic response to starvation. After a period of food restriction, increased release of NPY induces hunger and hyperphagia, and helps to restore body weight to its set point. Persistent anorexia in rats with experimental colitis implies failure of this adaptive feeding response. In(More)
The regional distribution of pro-opiocortin-derived peptides and methionine enkephalin was investigated in human brain post-mortem. Sequence-directed radioimmunoassays for beta-endorphin, gamma-lipotropin, adrenocorticotrophin, corticotrophin-like intermediate lobe peptide (ACTH18-39, CLIP) alpha-MSH and methionine enkephalin were used and 40 different(More)
AIMS To determine the prevalence and clinical predictors of subclinical atherosclerosis and myocardial ischaemia in uncomplicated type 2 diabetes and assess their relationship to short-term outcome. METHODS AND RESULTS Established risk factors and coronary artery calcium (CAC) scores were prospectively measured in 510 asymptomatic type 2 diabetic subjects(More)
Statistical evidence of reduced coronary heart disease in areas of high wine consumption has led to the widespread belief that wine affords a protective effect. Although moderate drinking of any alcohol helps to reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, there is no clear evidence that red wine confers an additional benefit. Here we show that red wines(More)
Regular, moderate consumption of red wine is linked to a reduced risk of coronary heart disease and to lower overall mortality, but the relative contribution of wine's alcohol and polyphenol components to these effects is unclear. Here we identify procyanidins as the principal vasoactive polyphenols in red wine and show that they are present at higher(More)
Circulating concentrations of neuropeptide Y-like immunoreactivity (NPY), noradrenaline (NA) and adrenaline (AD) were measured in conscious, chronically catheterized rats submitted to various stress protocols. Basal plasma levels of NPY, NA and AD (194 +/- 52 fmol/ml, 0.90 +/- 0.11 pmol/ml and 0.52 +/- 0.07 pmol/ml) were increased by handling (+132%, +76%(More)
To test the hypothesis that neuropeptide Y (NPY) is involved in the regulation of the estrogen/progesterone-induced luteinizing hormone (LH) surge in ovariectomized rats, we passively immunized animals against NPY by administering purified immunoglobulins raised against the peptide directly into the central nervous system. Ovariectomized rats were prepared(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Oxidation of LDL in the arterial extracellular matrix is a key event in the development of atherosclerosis and autoantibodies against oxidised LDL antigens reflect disease severity and the risk of developing acute cardiovascular events. Since type 2 diabetes is associated with increased oxidative stress, we tested the hypothesis that(More)