Roger Champagne

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Execution Language) pour implémenter des catégories d'agrégation tels que : Collection, Coordination et Fusion. ABSTRACT. Many organizations research on develop eLearning environments based on software components as their system's base construct. They don't develop new components, but they reuse existing ones. They apply software engineering concepts such(More)
The Semantic Web has made possible the use of the Internet to extract useful content, a task that could necessitate an infrastructure across the Web. With Hadoop, a free implementation of the MapReduce programming paradigm created by Google, we can treat these data reliably over hundreds of servers. This article describes how the Apriori algorithm was(More)
We share our experience over the last 10 years for finding, deploying and evaluating software engineering (SE) technologies in an undergraduate program at the ETS in Montreal, Canada. We identify challenges and propose strategies to integrate technologies into an SE curriculum. We demonstrate how technologies are integrated throughout our program, and(More)
This paper describes approaches used in two different software engineering courses, where the goal is to give students some experience in the major aspects of real world software projects. The first course is a capstone project course, part of an undergraduate short program in software engineering. The second course is a course on software maintenance and(More)
Numerous engineering fields are nowadays dealing with complex systems. The analysis, design, testing and maintenance of such systems are crucial challenges. For this purpose, the OMG proposed SysML, an extension of UML, in order to address the issues of modeling complex systems in different engineering domains. This standard enables the elaboration of(More)
This paper describes the implementation of performance architectural tactics in ArchE, an expert system designed to help architects elaborate software architectures by automating certain tasks. Our goal was to explore what is involved in converting informally described tactics to a form that can be used by a tool to automate their relevant suggestion and(More)