Roger Carlsen

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The fact that the sensory systems do not become functional at the same time during early development raises the question of how sensory systems and their respective stimulative histories might influence one another. Previous studies have shown that unusually early visual experience can alter subsequent responsiveness of both the visual system and the(More)
  • Y Chung, R Sharman, R Carlsen, S W Unger, D Larson, T Jue
  • 1998
Gated 31P-nuclear magnetic resonance followed the metabolic fluctuation in rat gastrocnemius muscle during a contraction cycle. Within 16 ms after stimulation, the phosphocreatine (PCr) level drops 11.3% from its reference state. The PCr minimum corresponds closely to the time of maximum force contraction. Pi increases stoichiometrically, while ATP remains(More)
As e-learning environments become a standard form of instruction more learners are forced to view video examples as a substitute for interactive classroom learning. These non-interactive multimedia environment that use auditory narration to improve learning have been referred to as a vicarious learning environment (See Gholson & Craig, 2006 for review).(More)
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