Roger C. Wiggins

Jocelyn E Wiggins2
Meera Goyal2
Bryan L Wharram2
Silja K Sanden2
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Glomerular injury and proteinuria in diabetes (types 1 and 2) and IgA nephropathy is related to the degree of podocyte depletion in humans. For determining the causal relationship between podocyte depletion and glomerulosclerosis, a transgenic rat strain in which the human diphtheria toxin receptor is specifically expressed in podocytes was developed. The(More)
Whether podocyte depletion could cause the glomerulosclerosis of aging in Fischer 344 rats at ages 2, 6, 17, and 24 mo was evaluated. Ad libitum-fed rats developed proteinuria and glomerulosclerosis by 24 mo, whereas calorie-restricted rats did not. No evidence of age-associated progressive linear loss of podocytes from glomeruli was found. Rather, ad(More)
Glomerular capillary hemorrhage (GCH) in rat kidney provided a model for assessing in vivo gas body efficacy in diagnostic or therapeutic applications of ultrasound. Two diagnostic ultrasound machines were utilized: one monitored the harmonic B-mode contrast enhancement of the left kidney and the other exposed the right kidney for GCH production. Definity(More)
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