Roger C Hicks

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OBJECTIVE This study reports on the psychometric properties of a brief, self-administered screening questionnaire, the Columbia Suicide Screen (CSS), intended to identify high school students at risk for suicide. METHOD Seventeen hundred twenty-nine 9th- to 12th-grade students completed the CSS and Beck Depression Inventory during school hours in 1991 to(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare psychiatric diagnoses and future suicide attempt outcomes of multiple attempters (MAs), single attempters (SAs), and ideators. METHOD Two hundred twenty-eight teens who reported recent ideation or a lifetime suicide attempt in a screening of 1,729 high school students completed the Adolescent Suicide Interview, which provided(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to determine the degree of overlap between students identified through school-based suicide screening and those thought to be at risk by school administrative and clinical professionals. METHODS Students from 7 high schools in the New York metropolitan area completed the Columbia Suicide Screen; 489 of the 1729 students screened had(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the usefulness of the Pediatric Symptom Checklist (PSC) as the psychosocial screening measure to meet federal Medicaid/Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) standards in a low-income Hispanic community. DESIGN AND SETTING Three hundred seventy-nine children (aged 6 to 16 years) were screened with the PSC in a(More)
In a long-term follow-up of a study designed to assess the impact of school-based suicide prevention curricula on high school students, a group of 174 students from two high schools who were exposed to a prevention program were compared with a group of 207 control students from two additional high schools who were not exposed to the curriculum. A(More)
Over the past 30 years the incidence of suicide in older adolescents in the United States has shown marked gender and ethnic variations. The rate has remained largely stable among females of all ethnic groups. Among white males it reached a peak in 1988 but has since stabilized. The rate for black and other minority males, however, has increased markedly(More)
OBJECTIVES The study examined child, parent, and case characteristics in a sample of 200 cases of serious child maltreatment brought before the Boston Juvenile Court (BJC) on Care and Protection petitions in 1994. Whether recent changes in Massachusetts law have been effective in reducing delays in adjudication and helping children achieve permanent(More)
1 Using the carrageenin rat paw oedema test as an assay, an attempt has been made to confirm the presence of anti-inflammatory activity in the blood of rats with a chronic inflammatory lesion induced by a polyester sponge, and to relate such activity to the systemic anti-inflammatory effect exerted in situ by the lesion. In addition, plasma from rats given(More)