Roger Blanco i Ribera

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We present SketchiMo, a novel approach for the expressive editing of articulated character motion. SketchiMo solves for the motion given a set of projective constraints that relate the sketch inputs to the unknown 3<i>D</i> poses. We introduce the concept of sketch space, a contextual geometric representation of sketch targets---motion properties that are(More)
The vortical motion of fluid in various scales is one of the most important elements in capturing the vivid realism of turbulent water. However, it is still challenging to resolve multi-level vorticity effectively. This paper presents a novel hybrid method that combines a smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) system with multiple Eulerian grids to reproduce(More)
While facial capturing focuses on accurate reconstruction of an actor's performance, facial animation retargeting has the goal to transfer the animation to another character, such that the semantic meaning of the animation remains. Because of the popularity of blendshape animation, this effectively means to compute suitable blendshape weights for the given(More)
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