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—A global clock distribution strategy used on several microprocessor chips is described. The clock network consists of buffered tunable trees or treelike networks, with the final level of trees all driving a single common grid covering most of the chip. This topology combines advantages of both trees and grids. A new tuning method was required to(More)
The Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profile is a powerful tool for understanding and influencing the behaviour of others. It was created by Roger Bailey and originates from the Meta-programmes of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming). For this paper we have examined transcripts of tape-recorded doorstep introductions on the UK Family Resources Survey which had(More)
Electronic medical records (EMR) play a critical role in modern healthcare infrastructure, serving as the fundamental source of patient medical data. These medical records can function variously as a comprehensive record of past visits, a tool to aid physicians' diagnoses, a system to manage operational details during a patient visit, and an effective and(More)
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