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The water quality of the Pang and Lambourn, tributaries of the River Thames, in southeastern England, is described in relation to spatial and temporal dimensions. The river waters are supplied mainly from Chalk-fed aquifer sources and are, therefore, of a calcium-bicarbonate type. The major, minor and trace element chemistry of the rivers is controlled by a(More)
The water quality of rainfall and runoff is described for two catchments of two tributaries of the River Thames, the Pang and Lambourn. Rainfall chemistry is variable and concentrations of most determinands decrease with increasing volume of catch probably due to ‘wash out’ processes. Two rainfall sites have been monitored, one for each catchment. The(More)
Paradigmatic change is driving aesthetic change in cinema. This restructuring is not only transforming what is on the screen, but the means of production that put it there. The interplay of technology and culture, along with their dynamics has made this so. Marshall McLuhan's Laws of Media provide an effective lens with which to examine this change. Some(More)
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