Roger Ayimbillah Atinga

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PURPOSE The study aims to examine how communication, provider courtesy, support/care, environment of the facility and waiting time significantly predict patients' satisfaction with quality of healthcare in two hospitals located in northern Ghana. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH An exploratory study of which 324 respondents were selected using stratified and(More)
BACKGROUND In 2003 Ghana introduced a social health insurance scheme which resulted in the separation of purchasing of health services by the health insurance authority on the one hand and the provision of health services by hospitals at the other side of the spectrum. This separation has a lot of implications for managing accredited hospitals. This paper(More)
PURPOSE This study seeks to undertake a systematic review to consolidate existing empirical evidence on the impact of financial and non-financial incentives on motivation and retention of health workers in Ghana's district hospitals. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH The study employed a purely quantitative design with a sample of 285 health workers from ten(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the factors influencing dropout from Ghana's health insurance scheme among populations living in slum communities. METHODS Cross-sectional data were collected from residents of 22 slums in the Accra Metropolitan Assembly. Cluster and systematic random sampling techniques were used to select and interview 600 individuals who had(More)
PURPOSE The authors seek to examine two key issues: to assess patients' hospital service quality perceptions and expectation using SERVQUAL; and to outline the distinct concepts used to assess patient perceptions. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH Questionnaires were administered to 250 patients on admission and follow-up visits. The 22 paired SERVQUAL(More)
The use of non-prescribed anti-malarial drugs can lead to treatment failure and development of drug-resistant parasites. This study investigated the use of non-prescribed anti-malarial drugs for the treatment of malaria in the Bolgatanga Municipality of northern Ghana. This was a cross-sectional survey of a random sample of 392 adults and children with(More)
AIM To examine the effects of perceived workplace politics in hospitals on nurses' job satisfaction, commitment, exit intention, job neglect, absenteeism and performance. BACKGROUND One of the factors contributing to nurses' poor advancement in clinical practice is the existence of petty politics, which has given rise to competing self-interest. However,(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine differences in patient-centred care among private and public inpatients in public hospitals and whether satisfaction with patient-centred care differ between the patient groups. METHOD Cross-sectional data collected from inpatients in private wards (n=300) and public wards (n=520) in Ghana, using a structured questionnaire modelled on(More)
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