Roger Atsa Etoundi

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Intrusion detection techniques have appeared to inspect all of the inbound and outbound network activities, and to identify suspicious patterns that indicate an attack that might compromise an information system. However, related information can be collected so as to supply evidence in criminal and civil legal proceedings. Several works have been carried(More)
A virtual workflow specification is a formal description of business process in the real world and whose execution is done in a virtual organisation. Workflows are activities that involve the coordinated execution of multy tasks performed by different processing entities. Among the processing entities are human resources. These latter belong to an(More)
In this paper, we define a new business process modeling approach based on the abstraction of the execution environment which is presented as a set of observers. The triggering condition of a task is linked to the state of the environment rather than a predefined order between tasks as suggested by other modeling approaches. Relying on the environment and(More)
In our previous work on business process, we have provided the foundation for formalization based on the environment concept. The environment is defined as a set of observers whose values change according to the actions of tasks. From their values, observers are grouped to form a set of states. A state is defined as the characteristic of an environment from(More)
— In the fields of business process and workflows modeling, a wide range of techniques have been defined and used. Despite the popularity of some of them, there is no consensus on the modeling standards and concepts. However, there are many perspectives that need to be taken into consideration for a better management of workflows within an enterprise such(More)
Keywords: Pedestrian detection Non-tensor product wavelet filter ROI Shapelet feature MB-LBP IFLDA a b s t r a c t Nowadays pedestrian detection plays a crucial role in image or video retrieval, video monitoring systems and driving assistance systems. Detecting moving pedestrians is a challenging task, some of the detection methods are ineffective and slow.(More)
As a result of the independence and the colonization endured by developing countries, most of their administrative procedures have been inherited from the colonial era. These procedures adapted to the colonizing countries, are complex for the African context. People in charge of their processing are not able to master it, take too much time to put them in(More)