Roger Artigas

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The Robertsonian translocation rob(1;29) is the most important chromosomal abnormality in cattle. It has been demonstrated that carriers of this chromosomal alteration exhibit reduced fertility due to an early embryonic loss. In the present study we analyzed the effects of DNA methylation inhibitor 5-azacytidine (5-aza-C) on metaphase lymphocytes from(More)
Implantable medical devices, such as stents, have to be inspected 100% so no defective ones are implanted into a human body. In this paper, a novel optical stent inspection system is presented. By the combination of a high numerical aperture microscope, a triple illumination system, a rotational stage, and a CMOS camera, unrolled sections of the outer and(More)
The malate dehydrogenase activity in the cytosolic fraction isolated from chicken hepatocytes is resolved by DEAE-Sephacel chromatography in three active, electrophoretically distinct, species obtained in homogeneous form by affinity chromatography on 5'-AMP-Sepharose and Blue-Sepharose. Two of those species, according to the results obtained, might(More)
In segmented-mirror telescopes, wave-front discontinuities caused by segment misalignment are a major problem because they severely degrade optical performance. While angular misalignments are usually measured with deflectometric wave-front sensors (e.g., Shack-Hartmann sensors), a number of techniques have been proposed for the measurement of vertical(More)
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