Rogelio Ramos

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We show that by using an iterative, digital restoration algorithm (Wiener or Kalman), it is possible to improve substantially the defocused optical transfer function of a previously apodized optical system. Consequently, high focal depth can be achieved by the use of an apodizer at the recording step, and a posteriori step of digital restoration.(More)
The gases emissions measurement systems in internal combustion engines are strict and expensive nowadays. For this reason, a virtual instrument was developed to measure the combustion emissions from an internal combustion diesel engine, running with diesel-biodiesel mixtures. This software is called virtual instrument for emissions measurement (VIEM), and(More)
A virtual instrumentation (VI) system called VI localized corrosion image analyzer (LCIA) based on LabVIEW 2010 was developed allowing rapid automatic and subjective error-free determination of the pits number on large sized corroded specimens. The VI LCIA controls synchronously the digital microscope image taking and its analysis, finally resulting in a(More)
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