Rogelio Garcia Retegui

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A new high current, low rise time and high precision pulse generator is presented. The topology is based on the use of different stages, each one specific for a particular operation range in terms of power and switching frequency. The design and operating principle of the proposed topology are described. Finally, the results obtained from an implemented(More)
This paper introduces a closed-loop control system for klystron modulators. The system is based on the discharge of a capacitor into a step-up voltage transformer and an active bouncer implemented with a multiphase buck converter. In order to obtain a constant Klystron voltage at the flat-top, the active bouncer must compensate both the capacitor discharge(More)
Multiple-stage converters are composed of a set of structures with different voltage, current and switching frequency capabilities. In particular, in applications like particle accelerator beam deflection and focusing, the requirement is high-current high-precision current pulses generation. In order to satisfy the specifications of this application, a(More)
This work introduces a new modulator for multi-phase interleaved converters, capable of tolerating abrupt changes both in the differential input-output voltage and the reference; while it reduces the in­terleaved adjustment time and the error during the transient. The proposed method can be applicable to high power systems.
A digital implementation of a method for controlling line-commutated converters in discontinuous current is presented. The proposed strategy is based on the modification of the firing angle by means of an on-line estimation of the rectifier average current. Simulations and experimental results on a current control system are presented.
Power converters that operate in Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) are able to reduce switching losses, when compared to Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) operation. This reduction is mainly due to zero current commutation and the reduction of the reverse recovery losses. However, DCM operation in high power converters is limited due to the increment in(More)
This work presents a control system suitable for high-precision pulsed current sources. The proposed control system is based on the detection of events so as to define changes in the power converter state to produce the required current waveform with a good dynamic response. Additionally, this control system is designed to regulate the flat-top current with(More)
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