Rogelio García Rodriguez

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A novel lab-on-valve system has been developed for strontium determination in environmental samples. Miniaturized lab-on-valve system potentially offers facilities to allow any kind of chemical and physical processes, including fluidic and microcarrier bead control, homogenous reaction and liquid-solid interaction. A rapid, inexpensive and fully automated(More)
An automatic system based on multisyringe flow injection analysis (MSFIA) and lab-on-valve (LOV) flow techniques for separation and pre-concentration of (226)Ra from drinking and natural water samples has been developed. The analytical protocol combines two different procedures: the Ra adsorption on MnO2 and the BaSO4 co-precipitation, achieving more(More)
The formation of project portfolio is a multi-objective problem that has a high impact on public and private organizations, and has generally been addressed by evolutionary algorithms. They often seek an approximation of the Pareto front, and then the decision maker must choose an only solution from the set. This is not a difficult task when you have to(More)
The release of 226Ra from phosphogypsum (PG) was evaluated by developing a novel tool for fully automated 226Ra lixiviation from PG integrating extraction/pre-concentration using a renewable sorbent format. Eight leached fractions (30mL each one) and a residual fraction were analyzed allowing the evaluation of dynamic lixiviation of 226Ra. An automatic(More)
A fully automated in-syringe (IS) magnetic stirring assisted (MSA) liquid-liquid microextraction (LLME) method for uranium(VI) determination was developed, exploiting a long path-length liquid waveguide capillary cell (LWCC) with spectrophotometric detection. On-line extraction of uranium was performed within a glass syringe containing a magnetic stirrer(More)
A new, fast, automated and inexpensive sample pre-treatment method for (99)Tc determination by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) detection is presented. The miniaturized approach is based on a lab-on-valve (LOV) system, allowing automatic separation and preconcentration of (99)Tc. Selectivity is provided by the solid phase extraction(More)
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