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The occurrence of several virulence traits (cytolysin, adhesins and hydrolytic enzymes) was investigated in a collection of 164 enterococci, including food and clinical isolates (from human and(More)
The susceptibility to 30 antimicrobial agents was determined by the disk diffusion method for a collection of 172 enterococcal strains, including 96 isolates from dairy sources, 50 isolates of human(More)
Thirty Leuconostoc oenos strains, representing 28 different isolates, were distributed into 20 genomic groups according to PFGE patterns of restriction digests. The 8 bp-specific enzymes Sfi I, Not I(More)
Genetic species identification of non-invasively collected samples has become an important tool in ecological research, management and conservation and wildlife forensics. This is especially true for(More)