Rogério Poli Swensson

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Vestibular Shwannomas are responsible for 80-90% of the cerebelar-pontine angle tumors and their incidence is of 0.8 to 20.5% of all tumors. Unilateral and progressive hearing loss is the most frequent and premature symptom, and tinnitus is the second most common complaint. Only 5% of the patients have normal audiograms. In this case the patient complained(More)
Foreign bodies (FB) in the larynx and trachea usually lead to alarming circumstances, with death by complete obstruction of the respiratory tract as its utter consequence. Incidence rates are not high (2-11% of respiratory tract foreign bodies). Children from 6 months to 4 years of age are the most frequently affected, as expected due to their yet immature(More)
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