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OBJECTIVE To investigate the efficacy of soy isoflavone on climacteric symptoms in postmenopausal women. DESIGN In this double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, a total of 80 women (mean age = 55.1 years), who reported 5 or more hot flush episodes per day, were randomized to receive either 250 mg of standardized soy extract (Glycine max AT) a(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To develop a new preoperative classification of submucous myomas for evaluating the viability and the degree of difficulty of hysteroscopic myomectomy. DESIGN Retrospective study (Canadian Task Force classification II-3) SETTING University teaching hospitals. PATIENTS Fifty-five patients who underwent hysteroscopic resection of(More)
Renal calculi were removed from 2 women--in 1 case by renal bisection and in the other by nephrolithotomy. In each case a small bulldog clamp was applied to the renal artery for less than 30 minutes. Both patients suffered renal artery thrombosis necessitating nephrectomy. When the histories of these patients were reviewed the common factor found was oral(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the prevalence of hysteroscopic findings and histologic diagnoses in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB). DESIGN Retrospective series of consecutive patients. SETTING Tertiary care university hospital and private office. PATIENT(S) Four thousand fifty-four hysteroscopies with biopsy in patients with AUB evaluated(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To validate hysteroscopic view with histology in cases of endometrial hyperplasia and cancer in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) DESIGN: Retrospective study (Canadian Task Force classification II-3). SETTING University teaching hospitals in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and private office in Rio de Janeiro. PATIENTS Four(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To evaluate the usefulness of clinical, ultrasonographic, hysteroscopic, and immunohistochemical parameters in differentiating endometrial polyps from endometrial cancer. DESIGN Cross-sectional study (Canadian Task Force classification II-2). SETTING Tertiary public hospital, university teaching center. PATIENTS Eighty-two women who(More)
A comparative study of abdominal colpopexy using rectus fascia and sacral fixation for the treatment of prolapsed vagina following hysterectomy was performed. The abdominal approach yields better results than the vaginal route. Fixation of the vaginal vault using a Dacron prosthesis is more rational and was the method of choice, resulting in a complete cure(More)
CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE Tubal ligation is one of the most commonly used contraceptive methods worldwide. Since the controversy over the potential effects of tubal sterilization still continues, this study aimed to evaluate the clinical and psychological repercussions of videolaparoscopic tubal ligation. DESIGN AND SETTING Observational, single cohort,(More)
This paper presents a simple technique based on stator-flux estimation to control the electromagnetic torque of induction motors (IMs) during soft starting. The inherent problems related to pure integration of the back electromagnetic force to estimate the stator flux are minimized using the low-pass-filter approach. The experimental results are dealt with(More)