Rogério Matias Vidal da Silva

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Superconductors, ideally diamagnetic when in the Meissner state, can also exhibit paramagnetic behavior due to trapped magnetic flux. In the absence of pinning such paramagnetic response is weak, and ceases with increasing sample thickness. Here we show that in multiband superconductors paramagnetic response can be observed even in slab geometries, and can(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the current situation of high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy for cancer of the cervix in Brazil, regarding apparatuses, planning methods, prescription, fractionation schedule and evaluation of dose in organs at risk. MATERIALS AND METHODS In the period between March/2012 and May/2013, a multiple choice questionnaire was developed and(More)
We investigate chaos in mixed-phase-space Hamiltonian systems using time series of the finite-time Lyapunov exponents. The methodology we propose uses the number of Lyapunov exponents close to zero to define regimes of ordered (stickiness), semiordered (or semichaotic), and strongly chaotic motion. The dynamics is then investigated looking at the(More)
The transport of interacting Brownian particles in a periodic asymmetric (ratchet) substrate is studied numerically. In a zero-temperature regime, the system behaves as a reversible step motor, undergoing multiple sign reversals of the particle current as any of the following parameters are varied: the pinning potential parameters, the particle occupation(More)
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