Rogério Fuchs

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Three therapists measured tibiofibular torsion and thigh-foot angle (TFA) goniometrically in 17 normal subjects, aged three to 24 years. Tibiofibular torsion was also measured using computed tomography (CT). Differences between testers for the goniometric measures were analyzed using a nonparametric analysis of variance. Wilcoxon's rank sum test was used to(More)
The reliability of five lower-extremity goniometric measurements of 20 patients with moderate to severe hypertonicity was assessed by three pediatric physical therapists. The measurements were repeated on five of the children within one week. Intra-rater variation was less than inter-rater variation for all measurements, but variations of 10 to 15 degrees(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the results obtained through using an intramedullary or extramedullary guide for sectioning the tibia in total knee arthroplasty procedures, with a view to identifying the accuracy of these guides and whether one might be superior to the other. METHODS This was a randomized double-blind prospective study on 41 total knee(More)
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